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Automation Control Systems



Automation Control Systems

The ADB Automation Group has more than 10 years of experience designing and integrating control Systems that seam together multiple technologies for our customers. We have the experience and expertise needed to provide your company with either a turnkey or customized solution. Collaborations between our client and our mechanical, electrical, and software engineers in partnership with equipment manufacturers have produced ingenious and cost-effective solutions in

  • Hardware Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Ongoing Support


For example, we developed an Ethernet/IP based remote control system to communicate with an Allen-Bradley based carton erector. This system, along with additional Windows drivers, TCP Based communication and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) system, enabled us to seam together normally disjoint equipment into a single master system.

Our diversified engineering team of highly skilled professionals are well suited to assess your prerequisites and to design a well-engineered customized system based on your key requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients growing needs. We believe that customer retention depends on putting the client first and continually reinforcing their trust, project after project.

We offer services in the following areas: 

Hardware Engineering

  • ADB Automation and Validation Group has extensive experience developing engineering solutions that require integration of several types of commercial controllers which include RTUs, PLCs, PACs, radios and variable speed drives. Our hardware and system engineers seamlessly integrate a wide variety instrumentation into a cost-effective system solution. ADBs dynamic engineering experiences extend to various communication Protocols and interfaces which include both analog and digital serial communication using RS232, USB, and SPI Communication equipment and LAN/WAN Communication using Ethernet and wireless protocols.
  • ADB Automation and Validation Group offers a broad spectrum of machine design services to help meet your needs. Our hardware engineering professionals use state-of-the-art software, including advanced modeling programs such as AutoCAD, Solid Works, and Pro Engineer to design and analyze your planned designs prior to manufacturing actual prototypes. This service saves you time and money and allows you to review the digital design representations and make changes before ordering the prototype assembly

Software Engineering

  • ADB Automation and Validation Group are up to date with the latest software technologies and software systems. Whether you need assistance engineering the right concept or you need a complete turnkey system, ADB Consulting is ready to support both long-term and short-term projects. Our software engineers understand what it takes to develop a reliable HMI or system that meets ergonomic standards and safe.
  • Our software engineers complete PLC/PAC programming in standardized languages. We support Studio 5000, Labview, Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, .NET, Python programming and SQL database design when developing a complete maintainable system. Our software engineers have worked in R&D, commercial, field, End of Line (EoL), Quality Control and manufacturing.

System Integration

  • ADB Automation and Validation Group relieves you from the stresses of project implementation by taking full responsibility for the complete system development process. We will work with our clients and develop the hardware, electro-mechanical and software design specifications to ensure the system meets regulatory standards. The ADB Automation and Validation group will write any necessary installation, integration and testing validation protocols. In addition, we can provide any needed documentation and training once system is accepted and delivered.


  • ADB Automation and Validation Group is committed to providing continued support for on-going operations of client system whether or not we developed them. Our professionals can come in at the beginning, middle, or end of the development process. Retrofits and upgrades are other types of services we provide.  If you're on an expedited schedule, take advantage of our readiness to work with you now. Contracting with ADB Automation and Validation Group can result in lowering your fixed-labor costs, resulting in an improved ROI.



Testimonial / What Our Client Say

Andre and his team were professional, focused and sensitive to the timing issues associated with my project. Most importantly, after the project completed Andre and his team did not disappear. As I needed answers and follow up information, his team followed up in a timely and accurate manner. I look forward to using the services again and would recommend them highly.

Erik Emerson, President & CEO at Symplmed

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