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Complex Circuitry (Analog, Digital, or Mixed Signals)



Design: Complex Circuitry (Analog, Digital, or Mixed Signals)

  • Complex circuits can be taken apart and understood as combinations of simple circuits, such as analog , digital or mixed circuit.
    • Analog electronic circuits involve variable current or voltage with time to correspond with the information being represented. Analog circuitry construction involves series and parallel constructions, where series circuits have a current that passes through a series of components and a parallel circuit divides the current between components according to resistance.
    • Mixed-signal circuits, which contain elements of both analog and digital circuits, are typically found in comparators, timers, PLLs, and digital/analog converters.
    • During the product development process, our PCB designers work closely with electrical and mechanical engineers to ensure that the placement of parts meets circuit design requirements as well as mechanical architecture needs. We also work closely with manufacturers so that we can provide a PCB design that supports efficient assembly and testing with high yields during production. Our experience includes designing for many types of electronic devices, including those that are stationary and portable.





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