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High-Level Architecture Integration



High-Level Architecture Integration

ADB Automation and Validation Group's system integration services combine hardware and software components into subsystems, which are then joined to make one fully functioning system. High-level architecture integration defines the project-level architecture of the system. At this level, our experts design which sub-systems will be built, as well as the internal and external interfaces that need to be developed for the project. These interfaces operate based on standards, which ADB Automation and Validation Group will help you to identify. Our high-level designers will help you pick out any of the off-the-shelf product that can be used for the final system.


  • ADB Automation and Validation Group provides  functional decomposition service that breaks a function into smallest parts.
  • Another service is physical decomposition, which defines the physical elements that will be required to carry out whatever function you have chosen in your design project.

Simulation and Modelling

  • ADB Automation and Validation Group is prepared to make your simulation environment as close to the real world as possible. Using an HLA wrapper paired with a 3-D game engine, simulations can become virtual reality all the while featuring a familiar and friendly interface. For the right projects, such a setup can save money by allowing users to train in a very realistic simulation.




Testimonial / What Our Client Say

Andre and his team were professional, focused and sensitive to the timing issues associated with my project. Most importantly, after the project completed Andre and his team did not disappear. As I needed answers and follow up information, his team followed up in a timely and accurate manner. I look forward to using the services again and would recommend them highly.

Erik Emerson, President & CEO at Symplmed

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