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Precision Linear and Rotary Motion Control



Programming: Precision Linear and Rotary Motion Control

  • A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a special purpose digital computer designed with multiple inputs and outputs  for reading and interpreting digital and analog signals from sensors, and then execute a set of user-defined instructions to complete a set of tasks.
  • The resulting digital and analog outputs close controller feedback loops for elements like hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, indication lamps, solenoid coils, etc.
  • The PLC may need to be fortified to withstand the environment where it must function. For example, electrical noise stress, vibration stress, and impact stress are typical parameters the PLC must tolerate and still continue to work.







ADB Automation and Validation Group can upgrade your manufacturing equipment with new PLC controls and software. Alternatively, we can troubleshoot existing PLC-related problems. Our PLC design methods decrease production costs, increase product quality, improve productivity, and increase manufacturing flexibility







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